Charles Barton



Lugar: Edificio E – Jean Jackson


Charlie Barton is the Head of Upper Prep at The Grange School.

Charlie grew up in Cheltenham, England, and was lucky enough to gain a scholarship to attend Rendcomb College in the Gloucestershire countryside. He first developed a love for Latin America after working as a volunteer with a missionary society in Argentina in 1997. He studied Philosophy at the University of Manchester, discovering a talent for philosophical logic, developing an interest in metaphysics and evolutionary theory, and writing on American pragmatism and attempts to reconcile linguistic theory with common sense realism. After a brief unpleasant stint in the world of corporate finance, he decided to take a PGCE at Manchester Metropolitan with a focus on Religious Education and PSHE. His dissertation was on the challenges of assessment in SMSC (spiritual, moral, social and cultural education). After 10 years working as a teacher and examiner in RE, Citizenship, Philosophy and Critical Thinking, he decided to broaden his horizons and rekindle his interest in Latin America by applying for a job teaching English and Philosophy at the Grange School. Four years later, he took on a new challenge working with younger children, becoming the Head of the Upper Prep.


Enseñar es uno de las mejores cosas que podemos hacer con nuestras vidas, pero es una responsabilidad grande. Tenemos una responsibilidad de usar pensamiento crítico para buscar la verdad y no transmitir falsedades. La filosofía (especialmente la ética) es una asignatura clave para el mundo moderno con todos sus desafíos y también para despertar y encender el asombro y la sed por el conocimiento. Si queremos fomentar la pasión por aprender y enseñar, nos debemos oponer al cinismo y cultivar la convicción que sí podemos cambiar el mundo para mejor.